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Spring/ Summer Fashion Collection

I created a fashion collection full of print and patterns, illustrations and designing a set of garments. I researched fashion illustrators, designers and magazines as a way to understand and learn more about its history and aesthetics. This project gave me the opportunity to venture into new territory of the design world while strengthening my skills as an illustrator. With this illustration and design collection, my goal is to be able to create and market into the surface design fashion industry and create art that is unlimited. 


When working on this multi layered project, I took it upon myself to challenge my artistic skills and create a set of illustrations traditionally painted rather than working in a digital setting. I wanted to convey a colorful, stylish and a little flirty feel in my paintings when coming up with the official outfits that were going to be created.

Prints & Patterns

With my prints and patterns I wanted to continue the use of traditional media, and painted each individual piece of illustrations and manipulated the digitally to keep the organic feel but still be able to create the seamless pattern. When creating each pattern, I wanted to keep in mind the cohesiveness of the collection and makes sure each pattern can mix and match.

Patterns on Fabric

As someone who only recently started to learn how to sew, creating the garments was the biggest challenge overall, especially since I wanted to create a different style to stick true with the spring and summer collection aesthetic. A different pattern is used in a different garment to show variety in style and even created matching masks during these times!


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